Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Protect You & Your Family During Severe Weather

Did you know that March is Severe Weather Preparation Month? 

While here in New York it may still feel like winter outside and you can barely see the ground through all of the snow, trust me it won’t be long until spring arrives.  And with it comes spring storms!  Is your family prepared?

First things first, make sure you have designated a safe place to go to if the weather gets bad.  It could be your basement, a closet in the center of the house, or a room with no windows or outside walls, like a bathroom.  Make sure this space is cleared out enough that you could easily get your family inside if needed.  (You don’t want to be clearing out the closet at the time of a tornado or bad storm!)

Next, put together a small emergency kit. Set it up in a backpack so it’s all in one place. What would you need if the power was out?  Consider putting in flashlights, extra batteries, canned food, and plenty of water.  (Don’t forget supplies for your pets too!)

Keep emergency phone numbers in your cell phone contacts, including the phone number for your insurance company!  You could even save a note in your phone with your policy numbers too.

While we can’t prevent bad weather, it’s always great to be as prepared as possible.  Take care of your family first and know that we’ll be there to protect your belongings. 

For more ways to protect you and your family, contact us at 888-565-2212 or At the Bryan Insurance Agency we want to be sure you and your family are protected. Call us for a free second look. We are the top insurance agency for car insurance, home insurance and business insurance for New Windsor, Long Island and the rest of New York.

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  1. Doesn't homeowner's insurance cover your home during severe weather and the life insurance is for you and your family? There are just so many things that these different insurances cover, that it can be hard to keep up with. That is why I usually ask an insurance agent about these things instead of just guessing on things.